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The three colours in the whole Red Star logo signify:

Green Ring Sign of Good Health

Red Star
Passion and Love

Blue Ring Life long commitment to the community services

The word Red Star positioned the organization's strong foundation and the corporate philosophy.

The red star symbolizes a rising star that marks the beginning of our lifelong commitment toward mission to bond our community.

The combination of the word Red Star represents community care approach towards meeting the community's needs

We are dedicated to provide community services. We will achieve this by focusing on:

Our Vision: To improve the jobless Singaporean, elderly and ex-convict mobility so that they able to return to their family and community.

Our Value: Our philosophy in caring for our residents can be best described by the way how a fragile orchid plant is nurtured. The showering of human care and attention is the critical elements for its healthy grow.

Our Promise: Always giving you our Best Care and Attention.

The Red Star Logo embodies a well-integrated and committed organization that provides food, home, counseling, organise activities and schemes of social service for rehabilitation of jobless resident, elderly and ex-convict.

The objective is to provide a helping hand for the needys and also resident, to help them to solve their difficulties.

We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and also give us a helping hand as we need your contribution to make a impact to all people in Singapore.


Red Star Community Service
ROS Ref no. 2090/2006
Blk 405 Woodlands Street 41 #02-44 Singapore 730405
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