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Good Neighbour Day

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Why not let it begin at home? Upgrade your living environment.
Not just with bricks and mortar, curtains and cushions, but through friendship and kindness.
Healthy relationships make for a happy nation.

Good neighbourliness is itself a form of homeland security. Wholesome interaction bonds a people.
Often Singaporeans complain that our society is getting too individualistic too fast.
We yearn for the good old kampong spirit and the gotong-royong fun of bygone years.
Good Neighbour Day is a fantastic way to revive all that.
Together we can make it a day to build bridges, celebrate community bond and trust, block-by-block.
All it take is by loving our neighbours as ourselves.

2006 THEME
My Neighbour My Friend

Go the Extra Mile:

  • I will break the ice by being always the first to initiate a chat whenever I meet a neighbour

  • I will knock on doors and volunteer myself to be a blessing in any practical way.

  • I will grocery-shop once-a-week for the helpless house-bound.

  • I will thrill the kids in my block with gifts and games.

  • I will have neighbours over for a fun-filled movie night,

  • I will care for the elderly poor by hosting a meal just for them

  • I will throw a block party for my neighbours in the month of November.

  • I will round up single professionals for an evening of coffee and cakes,.

  • I will conduct a course on emergency-readiness for my block.

  • I will appreciate neighbours with thoughtful words and little gifts on November 13 Good Neighbour Day
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